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Read "Money" poem by Jhantu Randall

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Running in a race all in chase of money
It makes the world go round
It can ease or increase your fears
It has the power to take hold of you
Have control of you
It even has the ability to expose the truth

It’s amazing how life revolves around a green piece of paper
Literally plucked from the ground, something had to die in order to make it
The pursuit of it puts a price on your head and takes a toll on your soul
Under a spell you can’t seem to avoid
Everyone has a price, a fact one can’t ignore

The blessing of it all is that it can fund an illusion
Allowing you to go wild thinking you could never lose it
You hear this story repeat itself again and again
With it by your side, you can create a sense of security like reality will never set in
Money dictates your true level of freedom within the system
The ones with it smile on the surface but on the inside, they’re internally bleeding
Money can help you build a way
The counter to it is the temptation that leads so many astray



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