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In the night it feels like a different world comes to life
Transition from the grit of the daily grind to an uneasy, yet more carefree time
At night, when a rainy drive reveals the beauty behind the city sights
Encompassed in bright and brash neon lights
Sit back and fall into your vices
The days headaches are silenced
Swimming in a sea of drink exhaling the pain away
A smokey view adjusting the tune
Holding onto these good vibes, hoping they stay

During the night, there seems to be a different sound
A new scent blankets the air as earlier cares can no longer be found
If the sun gives off energy than the moon creates an alternate view of this town
A place where opportunity is both gifted and repented
Stuck in a rush unaware of its limits

Secrets shrouded in mystery hidden in plain sight waiting to be unfurled
A road illuminated by lights to appear glittered with gold
Holds a deceptive beauty as part of its alluring traps
Lost in your drink, you exhale to feel your lungs contract
For a moment lost to roam free in your thoughts
During the night, you find a moment to relax

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