Dark Times on the Rise by Jhantu Randall

It would be an understatement to say that the acts of division have been blatantly increasing and the people are falling right in line with it. Through the media’s reporting, we’re being told there’s an invasion just beyond the southern border, an invasion of Central Americans who are fleeing unspeakable violence in their home lands because at this point, their only choices in life appear to be death and death. Either hunted down and murdered by cartels if they refuse to join or starved to death as they suffered a perilous journey only to be met with a fence and armed soldiers blocking them from reaching a port of entry. Going to a port of entry to seek asylum is in fact a legal way of immigrating, but again we have been so divided on this issue, I fear nothing will ever be done to actually fix it unless it includes some sort of horrific removal of an entire group of people just to feed our country’s endless lust for kicking the other when they're already down and desperate!

Now I don’t claim to be an expert on foreign policy or immigration, but I bring it up as a backdrop to show how we as a society have fallen so far from that place were told we were as children. I look at immigration from a human perspective, meaning that I look at it through the eyes of those who are running. Running towards a life that is from this moment on, completely unsure and foreign for them. Not to say that we should scrap policy altogether, we do need a common sense enforcement, but maybe it’s time to sit down and finally make the policy match the creed which every claims inspired it. Give me your tired, your hungry and your poor has always been met with opposition to some degree, but lately its met with a locked door accompanied by a chorus of scorn.

Behind the curtain, there sits a man in the Oval Office who seems to side skirt and pass blame for everything he does, and in many aspects it works. He’s got a good percentage convinced that it’s everyone else who's wrong instead of seeing how temperamental and inept his leadership truly is. As this crisis was unfolding, he gets his chief of staff and the head of the Justice department to agree on allowing the US military to open fire on people while on US soil, which is a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the US military from participating in domestic operations. Although the act has been amended in both 1956 and again in 1981.

I bring this up because as this was going on, what were we as the public being told?

On that particular day, we were being bombarded by stories of NBA player Dwight Howard being “outed” and rapper, Tekashi 69 being arrested by the feds. One an actual crime, as for the other, who really cares? But all this was purposely programmed to distract the public. If the current trend continues, I fear the people will continue to be divided as they live in two separate worlds both existing in the same space, and with pointless stories amped up to sound important I see dark times on the rise as people will continue to become complacent and disconnected in their daily lives.

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