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You have,

defined me by the opinions of the masses, your mental picture of me is, one who is unintelligent, pants sagging, violent, dysfunctional, cold-hearted and walking through life with a lack of passion. Acting, as if my shit don't stink (Hold up,wait hold a sec!), " My shit don't stink!" I will, forever hold my head up high and I, no longer will allow myself to be caught within the snares of the dictates of the people, who is incapable of seeing the truth, even when the picture is see-through. I don't need you but the truth is, I do need you....

You have,

made me feel as if, my record being marred by this statement called felony, I would never be able to stand respectfully, in this system called society but I beg to differ because within me there is the will and desire to rise above the odds, rise above the picture frame that you have enclosed me in. My landscape is a scenery that is ever unfolding, displaying such beauty and promise that it is possible to make the distinction between hope and the fruition of my honest efforts.

You have,

plastered my mental, my psyche with subliminal messages of degredation, devestating the very fabric of my being, trying to smother and harness whatever innate potential that is within my make-up. I come from, a long line of fighters whose only ambition and Mantra is: " I will never give up, no matter how many times you knock me down!" My vision is clear, the lense is open, I can see clearly now. You are afraid of me, you are afraid to see me surpass you. On my shoulders lies the hopes of generations, you have counted me out, counted me dead but there is one thing that you didn't count on and that is, " THERE IS MORE TO ME"......

Eloquently, Ernest Peace

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