Snowgoons - Killaz Supreme featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects & Sick Jacken (Official Music Video)

One year ago the Snowgoons brought back the classic boom bap vibe with their latest album entitled «Goon Bap». We already released a dozen of visuals from that album but saved the best for last. "Killaz Supreme" featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects and Sick Jacken.
The video marks the final chapter of a three part story they started with the clips for "Keep Runnin’" and "Solid Gold Guns". It visualizes the total opposite of the songs title. Instead of presenting a Supreme Killer the Goons show how they turn a Golden Gun into a more powerful caliber - The Goon Bap CD and replace the violence with music itself. The guest appearances by the mentioned artists turn this video into something special and displays the strong respect the Snowgoons earned over their career.

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