Comedian Actress Eden Young talks Performances, Stage Presence, & her Web Series "All About Manos"

"I want to make people laugh and surprise people ... you know, give them surprises! I want to touch people truly & deeply anyway I can and laughter is one of them. Laughing feels So good!!!!" @Eden Young

Mistah Wilson: Greetings, Eden Young! It is a tremendous honor to have you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! Could you give us a quick background on yourself?
Eden Young: Thank you for having me Mistah Wilson. What an honor. I am from Los Angeles via Queens New York; I am fortunate to have 2 amazing creative parents: My Mother, Dalene Young is a talented Actress-Writer-Director and my late father, Anthony Fascé a brilliant Musician & Actor.

Mistah Wilson: As we've mentioned before, we had tha pleasure of watching you perform at tha Old Towne Pub in Pasadena, CA. What other venues/events have you performed at?
Eden Young: I have been on stage @ the In Los Angeles: the Comedy Store, Sal’s Comedy Hole, Flappers, Hollywood Improv and the Helium Club in Portland, Oregon.

Mistah Wilson: Your character in All About Manos is classic lol .. How was tha experience shooting this project?
Eden Young: OMGOSSSHHH thank you. LoL shooting your own project is a trip an amazing experience. I love being in film and to be creating something from scratch is beyond.

Mistah Wilson: Would you consider yourself more so a comedian or actress? You can say both if you want lol ..
Eden Young: There is NOT an either or situation Mr. Wilson .... it’s all about the “And” ... but yes comedian & actress are both pieces to my puzzle ..... I actually have a wide range from very comedic to deep “drama” a true chameleon.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some comedians you actually find funny and why?
Eden Young: Chris Rock, Louis Black, Robbin Williams (I asked Santa to resurrect him from the dead for my Xmas gift. I of course stipulated to Santa please ignore EVERYTHING else on my list ... just Robbin Williams will do ... And Yes I will share my toys), Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford, and
Chelsea Handler. I love these each of these comes because they get right down to it. They go straight for the truth and make you roar with laughter. They are also each very comfortable in their own skin & persona ... that’s fun.

Mistah Wilson: In your opinion, which comedian made tha best movie and why?
Eden Young: I have to go with Robin Williams and Mrs Doubtfire. LoL .... When you think about it even though he didn’t write it; what genius! Robbin Williams brought that film to life. He was also a brilliant actor ... he could be very deep, scary, ... he really could be so many things. I hear Santa and his slay bells as we speak dropping off my present!

Mistah Wilson: I know this is an article interview but, could you tell us a joke?
Eden Young: You do NOT have to ask me twice (so this guy had the gall on a date to ask me: why are you anorexic? I took a sip of my wine looked him in the eye and said I am not anorexic I can’t afford food ... I’m on a tight budget ... real tight.)

Mistah Wilson: What techniques or exercises do you use to create new material?
Eden Young: Life is my exercise and source of material.

Mistah Wilson: What would you say sets you apart from other comics?
Eden Young: My high heels .... high heels are not just shoes; they are a state of mind. To quote Marilyn Monroe: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”

Mistah Wilson: What challenges have you faced along your journey? 
Eden Young: You name it I have faced it (I think that’s what makes artists rich): financial, heartbreak, domestic violence, I have almost died 3 times (so my mission must be deep), loss of friends-family-loved ones, been homeless (do not wish that on anyone), have had people bail on you just when you needed them most.... etc. I think as we get stronger; we become bigger than ANY obstacle. Life is about how we react to what happens to us ... are you a warrior or a victim?

Mistah Wilson: What are some more of tha rewarding things that have taken place?
Eden Young: In my career that I am still paving: my own project, doing stand up and hearing people roar with laughter & seeing joy on their faces, the last play I was in: The Cross Over (I played 4 different parts. What a blast). Anytime I get to act & create I feel fortunate.
Now in life: becoming Buddhist (January 1st will be my 20th year practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism) and traveling abroad (I finished high school & learned to drive in France)

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan to accomplish through comedy?
Eden Young: I want to make people laugh and surprise people ... you know, give them surprises! I want to touch people truly & deeply anyway I can and laughter is one of them. Laughing feels So good!!!! 

Mistah Wilson: I see confidence in your stage presence and performance onscreen. It takes a lot of guts to step out and do your own thing. How do you gain tha courage to perform in front of crowds and anticipate criticism?
Eden Young: Thank you, Mistah Wilson that means a lot! What a great question. You know in my opinion True Strength & Courage has great heart and vulnerability. People have a tendency of forgetting that the truly strong are also truly sensitive & vulnerable. My confidence is rooted in a deep strength .... soft power. And transparency is my shield.

Mistah Wilson: Do you prefer working in front of tha camera or behind tha scenes and why?
Eden Young: Hands down in front of the camera!

Mistah Wilson: How important is giving back to the Community for you? 
Eden Young: It’s everything.... if you don’t appreciate where you are, your talents and the success you are So fortunate to glean and then spread the love; well then you are missing the MOST IMPORTANT part of the equation. I am striving to get to place in my life and my career so I can give back more!

Mistah Wilson: What words do you have for aspiring comedians and actresses?
Eden Young: Never EVER Give Up!!! And Be & Surround yourselves with good friends!

Mistah Wilson: Where can people keep up with you online?
Eden Young: For my webseries go to: (we made it easy all our social media bottons are in one place). For me personally: @that’sDEEPbyE on Twitter // eden_allegra on Instagram // Eden Allegra Young on Facebook 

Mistah Wilson: Hey, Eden Young! It's been great having you here for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! We are looking forward to your next work! If you wanna send any shout outs, now's tha time...
Eden Young: Mistah Wilson You are a Creative God! Thank you for what you do! May ThaWilsonBlock and My High Heels touch the Whole World and make it a better place!

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