Bing Bing Changes Title of Upcoming 2017-2018 Album

Pasadena rapper Bing Bing announced that effective immediately he is changing the title of his upcoming mixtape "UhBuDuya" to "Open Wounds". Reasons for the change have a lot to do with rejection and the burden he carries from a broken household. Bing Bing had this to say 
"At 27 it hurts to walk around with all this pain .. I have memories that make me smile. Laugh. Then there are memories that convict my heart. Stop me in my tracks. I just can't go on like this. As much as I desire to help others I don't owe anyone but myself. And it seems tha only way to patch these wounds is to tell my truth."The theme of the UhBuDuya mixtape was to come off as little more chill and relaxed than his previous project Beautiful Struggle. It was meant to be more of a compilation of catchy hooks and creative concepts. But, the way Bing's latest single "Regardless" ft.
Suntonio Bandanaz sounds, we may be in for another sad and emotional project. 

"Being under so much pressure lately, "UhBuDuya" just didn't fit where I'm at in life right now. When I thought about all the fall outs in my life, broken relationships, the closure I never got to have, untold truths others know about my own life, Open Wounds was a great fit for the theme of my next project," explains Bing Bing.

Bing Bing also tells us to expect a 2nd single for the Open Wounds project between now and Thanksgiving. And he's writing some of his best stuff yet...

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