ThaWilsonBlock Magazine's Top Trends Going Into May 2017

  1. Who is Better and Why: Kendrick Lamar or Hopsin? (VOTE NOW)
  2. EVENT: Join Pasadena Heritage on tour through Architecturally-rich & Historic Churches 4/22/17
  3. WilsonBlock Wednesdays Episode 7 featuring Mos Hi (April 5th, 2017)
  4. Pasadena rapper Nicky BeacHouses talks New Music, Hardships, and Lyrical Composition
  5. HISTORIC LANDMARK: Watts Towers (near Los Angeles) 1921-1954
  6. What City Would YOU Prefer to Live in the San Gabriel Valley? (Complete List of Cities)
  7. COMPARE THESE: windchILL's "Grind Mode" vs. Wildcard QM's "The Odyssey"
  8. EVENT: Dinner with Cheech Marin @ The Rose 4/20/17
  9. 50 Historic Landmarks by African-American Architects
  10.  EVENT: Action Power Initiative Open Mic 5/7/17

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