Buy a Copy of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine for $1.99 and be Recognized in our Next Issue!

For those who love to support local artists and aspiring entrepreneurs, I, Mistah Wilson, am inviting you to purchase digital copies of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine.

Since our debut issue in March 2013, we've graciously released every issue of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine for free online-viewing and download. We've even added a 'Pay-What-You-Want' feature to our distribution.

Today, we are asking our supporters and new readers to purchase copies of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. When you buy a copy of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, we will recognize you in our next issue, on our website, and on our social media accounts.

Issues of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine are available for $1.99 Digital Download, however, for those who would really like to demonstrate their support, we encourage you to pay what you feel it's worth.

What you'll find in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine are local artists, exclusive interviews, street signs, photography, resources, links, free downloads, news, entertainment, inspiration, and so much more!!

For help, questions, comments, or concerns, please Call (626)586-4440

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