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For artists, musicians, and interesting individuals who have a story to share, we encourage you to book an exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock today!

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine

When you book an article interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, your interview gets syndicated to a network of blogs, forums, and social media channels. Your interview is also featured on a beautiful spread inside ThaWilsonBlock Magazine with corresponding links to your content. You will also receive a PDF copy of your interview for your promotional purposes.
10-Question Article Interview $25
20-Question Article Interview $35

WilsonBlock100 Radio

When you book an audio interview on WilsonBlock100 Radio,  your interview reaches hundreds of thousands of people who listen and download our content. Your interview will be featured on our weekly radio show and will be hosted on YouTube as well. Our audio interviews are currently averaging 300+ downloads each.
up to 35-minute Audio Interview $25
up to 1hr Audio Interview $40

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