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Tray Dee talks about possible Eastsidaz reunion

Do you think that the Eastsidaz will ever get back together and record another album?

We’ve discussed the possibility of it but to be honest, I think that Snoop is in another place as far as music is concerned. It’s not like he couldn’t do it but to revisit that mind-state and to re-display that to the public – I don’t think that is who he is. Plus, I don’t think that the chemistry is there to go in and get it done. A lot of things have gone on and been said since I was away. We are all friends, don’t get me wrong. We communicate, but there isn’t that same solidarity like there once was. Dogg House was a family and that’s the same structure that I’m building over at Supreme Circle – a place where everybody makes and is dedicated to making great music. My dream came true in just being able to put together this company and to complete an album of this magnitude with these features and different types of production. From the first song to the mastering of the album, I’ve invested about sixteen months into it and I’m overjoyed with the product. -Tray Dee



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