Common talks about why he's not a "Conscious" rapper

Common wears many hats. Not only is he one of the most revered MCs in the game, but he's also a celebrated actor, author, and Academy Award winner. Weeks before the release of his 11th album, Black America Again, Com chats with us about his new project, upcoming film roles, Ice Cube, Kanye West, J Dilla, classic albums, and more.
In the skit following “The 6th Sense,” Common made light of his public image. The Chicago, Illinois MC made a song that fought for Hip-Hop’s preservation. Moments after, he made light of the way he appeared to some—as a deeply conscious, lighthearted poet. The same artist who had been involved in serious beef with Ice Cube had a laugh at skeptics’ expense.

As the most recent guest on the Rap Radar Podcast, Comm’ was asked more than 15 years later what his thoughts are on how the public sees him. Since then, the MC has released hits like “The Light,” and appeared on Erykah Badu’s “Love Of My Life,” two love songs rooted in Hip-Hop. Last year, Common would take home an Oscar award for his John Legend collaboration “Glory” from the film of the same name. While all of these records are acclaimed and widely popular, they tell a different story than the artist’s 2010s battle with Drake, or many of his Nobody’s Smiling-era songs. Read Full Article

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