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Bible Verses To Pray Over Your Job & Coworkers 👍

Defendant Michael Taylor in Case GA1111-32, along with other civilians, were denied access to and from the Hollywood courthouse on May 2nd, 2024 after Taylor discovered that Judge Ronald Owen Kaye substantiated 3 consecutive and unjustified conflicts of interest without reason declared by the public defender in direct response to Taylor asserting his 6th amendment rights via text and voicemail. Taylor became upset over Judge Kaye allowing his current lawyers to suppress evidence of a falsified competency assessment that Taylor never consented to but is continuing to be subject to. LAPD showed up roughly an hour late after Taylor called them multiple times, detained him, and threatened to arrest him for trespassing while permitting access to the courthouse for others. This has led to LAPD incurring undue liability in a pending criminal case by violating Michael Taylor's constitutional rights to equal protection of the laws.



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