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Alternate Public Defender Julia Dixon Denies Defendant Michael Taylor Ability To Submit Written Complaint of Attorney Misconduct (GA-1111-32)

This recording pertains to criminal case GA-1111-32 Upon Alternate Public Defender Hannah Mandel #333020 receiving a voicemail of defendant Michael Taylor asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel on March 13th, 2024, Ms. Mandel proceeded to declare a conflict of interest via email without providing any reason. 

After being denied requests for clarity, defendant Michael Taylor visited the main office of the Alternate Public Defender where attorney Julia Dixon #197678 denied him the ability to report the attorney's potential misconduct in denying the client rights to transparency regarding his case and also denied him the ability to submit a written complaint to document his lack of approval for conflicts of interest that have not been substantiated by or filed in the court. 

This conversation is preceded by Mr. Michael Herman Salmaggi #201301, public defender in Hollywood court, declaring the first conflict of interest in direct response to defendant Michael Taylor asserting his constitutional rights to effective assistance of counsel via text message. 

Mr. Salmaggi declared the unjustified conflict of interest as a favor for Ms. Danielle Marie Daroca-Bell #265746, who prejudiced the defendant's case by misleading him to believe proceedings were pursuant to PC 1001.36 while she secretly initiated a PC 730 competency assessment that has wrongfully declared the defendant incompetent to stand trial. Because Ms. Danielle Marie Daroca-Bell, Mr. Salmaggi, and Ms. Mandel all attended Southwestern University, defendant has strong reason to believe the conflicts of interest were declared as favors for each other while the court clerk has reported no such indication of conflicts of interest being declared in the client's case. 

This recording has been uploaded as a contingency to protect the legal interests of the defendant while his attorneys have deliberately prejudiced his case by violations of due process, equal protection, and effective assistance of counsel.



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