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Fans Say "Game Was Never King of the West Coast"

If it ain't tha name-dropping, it's tha self-proclaimed ego of rapper The Game that has Hip Hop fans in strong, open disagreement. It's getting kind of weird now, tho. Because there has been a consistent trend of fans disagreeing with Game's evaluation of himself and his overall standing amongst other acts from his era. 

In a recent facebook post by DatWAV, it features a 4-grid meme of Game basically saying he was the King of tha West Coast for 10 years and now it belongs to Kendrick Lamar. While I, myself surely had a reaction to it, here is what people had to say in the comments...

"The game had 2 good albums at best. Relax with all that! You weren't king of anything and I actually f*** with yo music." 

"10 months maybe"

"I don't remember Cube ever relinquishing the crown"

"The game was never King of West"

"This dude was never the king of the west coast he was always riding the east coast rappers nuts."

Perhaps it wasn't all bad, tho. Some people made strong cases for the legendary Compton MC. They said things like "Lot of people saying he wasn't king of the west for his time but he actually was." Others said," The game single handed brought back the west coast at a time when the east and south were dominant."

In my personal opinion, when The Game actually focuses on rap, he is elite. Not so much on tha rhetoric and interviews. I was a huge fan of Game coming up. But, to me he just kind of falls off when he's not battle rapping or freestyling 100+ bars.

What are your thoughts on The Game being King of tha West Coast?


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