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The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson (11.25.23): Marriage, War, and The European Power Structure

Tha reason why black history don't matter to tha European power structure is because nigga they don't like other races. But tha reality is that all cultures prefer their own culture, are in touch with their own culture. It's not even so much about racism as it is being around culturally diverse settings. It's tha unfamiliarity that drives people to hate other races. Even I get upset when I don't understand something, or when things don't make sense.

African Americans who fight for blacks to have stake in tha United States does us all a disservice. What happened in Genesis 34 when Shechem violated Dinah? Friends weren't made with tha enemy. Tha United States is a natural enemy of African people due to tha prejudice that exists in tha European heart. Basically, because God scattered tha Hebrews as a punishment for their disobedience, tha devil lied to tha European and told them they are God's choice people. And they did tha devil's bidding because they were deceived into believing that lie. But, they ran with it because it gave them a hope they didn't have. World supremacy. Dominance. Essentially, to be in a special place. Tha European wanted to be more important than he actually was. 

People act like just because parts of Africa may not have running water and electricity that it's not a good idea to leave America for such a place. But, like I said earlier, it's tha unfamiliarity that people are scared of. It's fear that keeps us here. African Americans have Stockholm syndrome. Why are we giving our generations over to foreign empires to arbitrate? I'm scared to marry a black woman because of all tha evidence of betrayal I've seen. I can't fathom welcoming tha European into my sacred marriage. If my government is redefining tha institution of marriage and legalizing perversion, why would I ever want to have a state marriage license by them!? Ok, I got one shot at this! One shot at marriage. It's just too serious of a commitment to get wrong. Because, you see, unlike most people, I don't need to get married to make me feel like I'm doing something out here. I'm already doing stuff! To tha point where relationships have taken a backseat to tha focus on my crafts. If it ain't helping, it's distracting. 

Tha cold part about all of this is that in tha end, tha perverts still seemingly win because whether I get married and divorce or just stay single, tha institution of marriage has been damaged beyond repair. Divorce is not an option nor is remarriage. Tha reason I'm reluctant to get married with a U.S. marriage license is because as a foster child, I was robbed of a mother's nurturing and a father's discipline. They took me away from my mother alleging she was on drugs only to put me on psychotropic meds as young as 5 and 6 years old. This system made sure that I wouldn't have a father. That I would be indoctrinated with witchcraft and perversion, not allowed to play organized sports or any extracurricular activities. This system held me back. They have been trying to kill me tha same way they're corrupting children today. Only today is far more sinister. Today, government institutions are insisting that they don't need tha parent's approval for anything. They openly target kids and I've never heard a citizen declare his 2nd amendment rights to protect children from perversion.

Dr. King wasn't supposed to help us assimilate. That is, in a perfect world. Dr. King was suppose to foster relationships with African countries and lead black folks out of this country. That is, what should've happened. Malcolm X was deceived by tha black community into believing in Islam. For there is only one name by which we are saved...tha Lord Jesus Christ. So, to graft Malcolm in to tha nation of Islam was fatal mistake. Malcolm had so much more to give this world. But, it was black people who loved tha cult more than God himself that misdirected tha ambition of a true warrior. Fanaticism. Black supremacy exists just like any other. Asian, too. Did Japan not invade China before? Does China not feel like it rightfully owns Taiwan? Are both Koreas in agreement?

There are much broader consequences we face for uniting with tha europeans who stole whole continents! They stole whole heritages of people, deleted artifacts and rewrote history books. Today, our government has African Americans at odds with African countries. Our taxes fund tha zionist movement to commit genocides in other sovereign nations. If you thought your local police department was here to actually help you, tell em take a week off and see if they listen to you. Tha European power structure is non-negotiable. Why should black people live in a country that drafts laws that targets them? Why should any person keep themselves in a position of willful extortion?

In a country that doesn't honor and respect people for having a righteous opinion, everyday is hostility. Life is tough. As you grow up, you come to realize tha harsh realities of tha world. And you come to these realizations only to further realize that tha group beneath you ain't there yet. And so, people become annoying. You begin to understand more than tha ignorant and that doesn't always leave you in winning situations. Tha LGBTQIA community is so racist that they don't even care if it offends anybody ALREADY KNOWING 'most' people don't adhere to such principles. My triumphant story about aging thru tha foster care system is of no value when instead podcasters are having remedial debates with confused people on what a woman is. Tha United States has developed a culture of working against tha common man. Putting all things that make sense in reverse then telling us to love it. I can't understand for tha life of me how they successfully convinced people to embrace perversion. Then again, we've had Halloween for decades. And people don't want evil done to them but would invite tha spirit of fear in their own life. 

You see, my anger is justified. I have a justified anger. And what makes me a Man is my ability to channel this anger into productive outlets. It's a jungle out here. And, I can see tha hidden traps even before I cross them. It's becoming a daunting reality, living in a country you can't stand behind. It just seems like it's only a matter of time before some systemic wave of oppression wipes tha rest of whats left of us out. Tha war against Men is so obvious. I experience it every single day. Further, there are less and less Men out here with leadership capabilities. Parents have no control over their kids. And tha more we live and breed here, tha more we help this country oppress humanity across tha globe. If leaving America should be a sacrifice African Americans make, let it be so. Because if blacks are going to be influenced by anybody, it should be by other blacks. 



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