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Psychiatrist: Trump is barreling towards 'gross paranoid psychosis' as the walls close in

Mod: Apparently this particular reality show includes an ex-president who goes mad live on TV.

Psychiatrist: Trump is barreling towards 'gross paranoid psychosis' as the walls close in (Raw Story link): Following Donald Trump's outrageous behavior on the stand on Monday where he testified in the $250 million financial fraud lawsuit brought against him and his Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James, a noted psychiatrist warned there are warning signs about his mental decline.

In an interview with Salon's Chauncey DeVega, Dr. Lance Dodes, former clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, suggested the pressures of Donald Trump's multitude of legal woes, combined with the possibility his financial fortune could be wiped out, are aggravating his existing mental problems which could lead him to incite a new wave of violence that the country witnessed on Jan. 6.

Asked by DeVega about Trump's "state of mind and resulting behavior these last few weeks," Dodes began by observing, "Donald Trump’s severe narcissistic, antisocial (sociopathic) character disorder means he cannot tolerate or even acknowledge losses or defeats."

Adding that Trump is losing his "grasp of reality," the psychiatrist asserted the former president is unable to deal with anyone who "dares to hold him accountable for his lies." Referring to suggestions that Trump is "decompensating," Dodes explained that appraisal is correct to a degree.
"It would be more precise to say that the decompensation consists of exposing an inability to see reality and violent self-interest that has always been who he is," he explained. "As many have predicted, as pressure on him continues to rise, his claims of greatness, his inability to accept legal constraints or punishments, and his destructive impulses toward all who have limited him, will increase."
That, in turn, he predicted will lead to a further deterioration of Trump's mental state.

"Ultimately, he may decompensate to the point of gross paranoid psychosis with even more obvious incitement to riots and civil war rather than accept the reality that he has been finally held accountable," he warned.

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