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Ivanka Trump’s Testimony May Turn Out to Be the Death Knell for Her Dad and Brothers (and They Know it)

Mod: Why would she care? They are no longer of any use to her.

Ivanka Trump’s Testimony May Turn Out to Be the Death Knell for Her Dad and Brothers (and They Know it) (Political Flare link): Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, is scheduled to appear in court under oath on Wednesday, and according to a former US Attorney, her family might not like much of what she has to say.  

On Saturday morning, Glenn Kirschner sat with Jonathan Capehart and spoke about the pending testimony. He even threw out an example of another time when Ivanka proved she’s not “one of the boys” when it comes to covering for her father’s crimes.

I’m actually looking forward to something a Trump has to say, but it’s not Donald Trump, it’s Ivanka Trump because I think she presents a real danger zone for her father and her brothers.

The fact that she has been mightily fighting the prospect of having to testify in this case signals that it might be because her testimony is really damaging to her other family members, and then the third point and the most common one Jonathan, is we all saw during the January 6 select committee public hearings, we saw her famously disagree with her father about election fraud.

She was asked, do you agree with your father that there was widespread election fraud undermining the results, or do you agree with Bill Barr that there was no election fraud undermining the results of the election? She answered, I believe, ‘I credit Bill Barr.’ In other words, read between the lines: my father is a liar. That sounds like a signal that Ivanka was sending to her father, and by extension out, maybe to her brothers: do not pull me into this, because I will not comply with your lies. So yes, I’m looking forward to what Ivanka has to say.

That sense of impending doom must feel very real for Donald, Junior, and Eric, because no one knows her better than they do. 

And it’s not like they don’t KNOW that they broke the law. They were aware every step of the way. They’re just not used to having to deal with someone — especially a family member — who doesn’t play their little game and help them cover things up.
I am looking forward to Ivanka’s testimony as well. Not because I think she’s some kind of hero at all. I think she’s as shady as the rest of them. But I also think that she’s enough of a coward that she will fully throw the rest of them under the bus.

Mod: As always, The Lincoln Project is all over the situation.
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