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Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller sues NASCAR for being racist against white people

ModAmerica First Legal, led by a former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, claims NASCAR is racist against white men. 

Conservative Legal Group Claims NASCAR Is Racist Against White Men (Jalopnik link): It’s getting tough out there for the poor folks who have never faced systemic inequality but desperately want to feel oppressed. That’s why America First Legal — a conservative legal group led by Stephen Miller, a former adviser to former President Trump — is claiming that NASCAR is actually racist against white American men. That’s a first!

America First Legal (AFL) is asking the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to investigate NASCAR and Rev Racing for “illegal discrimination against White, male Americans,” per a Bloomberg Law report.

If you’re unfamiliar with these programs, they’re efforts by America’s leading stock car racing series to offer greater opportunities to members of diverse communities. NASCAR founded something called the Drive For Diversity program back in 2004 where the whole goal has been to offer opportunities to marginalized communities. 

In its current form, NASCAR invites about 20 diverse drivers between the ages of 14 and 26 to participate in its “combine,” where NASCAR evaluates the various skills of their competitors, including race craft, physical fitness, communication skills, media aptitude, former experience, and more.

Basically, AFL is asking the EEOC to investigate NASCAR for violations of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race or sex. 

Despite the fact that NASCAR recently changed the language of its diversity programs, claiming to seek people of “diverse backgrounds and experiences” as opposed to directly stating they seek women and people of color, the AFL is really upset that this could mean some mediocre white man may not fail upward into stock car racing.
If the AFL had done really any research whatsoever, it would know that D4D isn’t exactly a well-oiled propaganda machine pumping hordes drivers into the top level of NASCAR competition, the Cup Series. Since the introduction of the program almost two decades ago, exactly three of the countless combine winners actually made it to Cup full time: Bubba Wallace, Kyle Larson, Daniel Suarez. A fourth, Paulie Harraka, competed in a single Cup race in 2013.

Mod: More on this burning civil rights controversy at the link.

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