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Beyond Dope releases their debut album


One part Canadian and two parts Australian make up the hip hop triumvirate that is Beyond Dope.

Canadian transplant and powerhouse emcee Branded Moore, local underground legend, emcee/producer Mighty Ash and producer/multi-instrumentalist GhostAttacK came together fuelled by a desire to make raw, honest and powerful hip hop. From the moment they stepped into GhostAttacK's lab, they knew they were creating something special. And they also knew they had to do it themselves. So they handcrafted ten tracks of audacious hip hop, fusing influences into something altogether new.

The first release from this was their debut single, Know About That. The single version is propelled by a big boom bap beat and sharp, dynamic lyrics, leaning heavily on their influences but still sounding fresh, new and interesting. The accompanying video captures perfectly their aesthetic and vision.

The band are about to release their debut, self-titled album, on Thursday, 23 November. The album is full of the same energy and passion they're becoming known for live. The ten tracks, including an album version of the first single, were written, mixed, produced and mastered by the band, who wouldn't allow anyone else to control or compromise their vision.

Each of them are accomplished artists and performers, which shows when they play live, as they give everything they have, with energy and passion. And the punters love every second of it. The combination of banging beats, hard rock guitar and extraordinary emcees is most certainly destined for big stages right around the world.



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