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Pro-Trump talk show host Stew Peters calls for the executions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: ‘They are responsible for murder’

Mod: Back in the day madmen like Stew(pid) Peters were hunted by helpful mental health professionals armed with butterfly nets. We need to bring that world back.

Pro-Trump talk show host calls for the executions of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: ‘They are responsible for murder’ (Dead State link): During a segment on his show this Wednesday, right-wing conspiracy theorist and Rumble host Stew Peters called for the deaths of singer Taylor Swift and her pro-football player boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Peters slammed the relationship between Swift and Kelce and attacked them for allegedly leading people “to their slaughter” with their promotion of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a video clip flagged by Media Matters, Peters’ guest, commentator Morgan Ariel, claimed that Swift and Kelce are dangerous because “if she’s dating some high-end, you know, football player that is pushing the vaccine, then that’s going to raise the probability that they’ll go out and get it.”

“These people are responsible for murder,” Peters replied. “They’re actually selling their souls and knowingly killing children with a DOD-manufactured, U.S. government-owned and deployed weapon of biowarfare. I mean, these people should be held to serious account.”

“I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung. I mean, the same thing that you say,” Ariel replied. “I think that we need justice in this country. I think that celebrities that are pushing it, they should be tried and they don’t have any conviction because their God is Satan and they value money instead of human life.”

“We have this most recent psyop with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and the NFL promoting the death jab so that more kids can be led to their slaughter,” Peters concluded.

Mod: The Media Matters article cited above linked here. After its publication the loud mouthed coward Stew Peters removed his Rumble post.

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