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Princess No More: Ivanka Trump's Lawyers Scramble to Block Her Being Called as Witness In ​Fraud Trial

Mod: Yes, Ivanka is just another Trump trying to avoid spending some quality time in a courtroom. 

Ivanka Trump's lawyers scramble to block her being called as witness in ​fraud trial (Raw Story link): Former President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka has filed a motion to try to get out of testifying at her father's fraud trial in New York, reported ABC News on Friday.

Ivanka Trump was originally a defendant in the suit, but had herself removed from the case by a New York appeals court due to her alleged role in the Trump family's scheme being outside the statute of limitations, because she had left the Trump Organization by 2016. However, New York Attorney General Letitia James is still seeking to call her as a witness.
According to the motion, filed by the former first daughter's attorney Bennet Moskowitz, "The NYAG, which never deposed Ms. Trump, is effectively trying to force her back into this case from which she was dismissed by a unanimous decision of the Appellate Division, First Department."

He added that the subpoenas were improperly served and that James doesn't even have jurisdiction over Ivanka Trump because she no longer lives in New York State.

"The NYAG knows this, which is why it has subpoenaed three corporate entities as an end-run around its failure to pursue Ms. Trump's deposition when it had the chance," Moskowitz continued.

According to the report, New York prosecutors will seek a motion compelling her testimony.

James' suit, which is seeking $250 million in damages and the dissolution of the Trump Organization, alleges that Trump and his two adult sons engaged in a years-long fraud scheme by lying about the value and size of Trump Organization assets to get more favorable loan deals and tax breaks.

Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled that Trump and his associates are liable for fraud, and the current trial is only about assessing damages.

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