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'Kiss your majority goodbye': Ex-GOP staffer has a warning for new House speaker Mike "Big Lie Guy" Johnson

Mod: More effects of the "everything Trump touches dies" syndrome.

'Kiss your majority goodbye': Ex-GOP staffer has a warning for new House speaker (Raw Story link): Lawmakers who kiss Donald Trump's ring are going to cost Republicans their House majority, a former GOP staffer said Saturday.

Kurt Bardella, a former staffer for Republican Senator Olympia Snowe and Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, appeared on MSNBC's Ayman to discuss the ascension of Mike Johnson as House speaker. Johnson was voted in after weeks of chaos and conflict within the Republican party. Bardella was asked about what Johnson's newfound position really means for the GOP.
"They have actually boxed themselves in, because here's the reality. If you do what Donald Trump and the MAGA universe wants you to do, kiss your majority goodbye," Bardella said. "If you go all in on being anti-woman, if you go all in on being anti-LGBTQ, if you go in on being anti-diversity ... guess what? This guy is going to lead you into the political abyss."
Bardella continued: "So, your choices are to either do what the MAGA people want, shut down the government, ensue more chaos, as if we have not had enough of that coming from the House of Representatives over the last month, or do something that just alienates you from the MAGA universe, and then you end up repeating the cycle of kicking at the speaker and trying to find somebody else. It is just bad choices, all around right now for this rudderless party."

Mod: More at the link.
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