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G-Mo Skee Rips It Over Video Game Samples Again for “8 Bit Filth 2: Hero Hunter” (EP Review)

This is the 3rd EP from Richmond lyricist G-Mo Skee. Emerging as a member of the trio Stampede & later the Inf Gang. He would drop 2 official mixtapes Got Filth & Got Filth II: The Great Adventures of G-Mo independently before Twiztid signed him to Majik Ninja Entertainment in 2016. His full-length debut My Filthy Spirit Bombcoming out that same winter to significant acclaim, but I personally think G’s sophomore effort Chaly & the Filth Factory is his best work so far because of it’s incredible concept & the instrumentals accompanying it (mostly handled by former Strange Music in-house producer 7). His last LP The Filth Element commemorated his 30th birthday by proving that he didn’t need MNE, but is returning to The Dojo for 8 Bit Filth II: Hero Hunter ahead of his upcoming 4th album album Huckleberry Filth & the next EP Filth City produced by Stu Bangas. 

Things start off with the 3rd & final installment of the “Final Boss” trilogy sampling Super Mario World adding some kicks & snares into the fold reminding that he’s the final boss off this rap shit whereas “Filthbound” is my favorite on the EP putting a unique spin on Earthbound & former Majik Ninja in-house producer Godsynth cooking up the phattest beat on the entire project. “Inf Kong Country” featuring Cell & Jae Harmony of the Inf Gang finds all 3 members of their respective Richmond crew flipping Donkey Kong Country, but then “That Ain’t Falco” goes into trap turf sampling Starfox. 

“Heart Pieces” has a dreamy boom bap quality to it dedicating this the love of his life & the mother of his 2 daughters just before “Falcon Punch” featuring Seuss Mace & Ubiquitous references Captain Falcon’s neutral special move in the Smash Bros. series over a triumphant instrumental. “Skull Kid” angelically talks about what the road & show business did to him leading into the wavy boom bap closer “Hero Hunter” telling everyone to drop their coins. 

The original 8 Bit Filth contains some of G’s best material & this sequel here is an equally fun return to Majik Ninja for the Richmond emcee. The video game samples are as creative as they were last time mainly grounding them into his signature boom bap sound & his ear-grabbing bars always entertain. Here’s to Huckleberry Filth & Filth City.

Score: 8/10



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