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REVIEW: Soul the Interrogator - Fentanyl Blues (Official Video)

Ok, I've been here before. When an artist drops a new project and I go to check it out in anticipation of the cringe effect. That is not what happened here with Soul The Interrogator's latest video "Fentanyl Blues" off his new album "Ol' Head". As soon as tha beat came on, I was tuned in like, ok let's see what this is going to be. I gave it an honest chance and I must admit, I like it.

Whoever shot tha video did a pretty decent job if I could say so myself. Camera angles were on point. I feel like it could've used some more cuts but that doesn't take away from tha quality of this production. This is tha first song I've ever heard from Soul The Interrogator and he did not disappoint. His bars may not have been Cassidy-like but there were on point and in sync. I can't say I rock with his rhymes about Black Lives Matter, but I know he means well. 

Kudos to Soul The Interrogator for this cut right here. Since covid came and went, I've witnessed several fentanyl overdoses in-person throughout tha streets of Seattle. Tha fact that we have an "Ol' Head" speaking on this is appreciable. Music might be entertaining but it can also be a medium used to convey useful messages that speak to tha nature of our existence as humanity. Having lost close friends to these drugs, I appreciate Soul The Interrogator for dropping a song shedding light on this epidemic surging throughout tha country. America has manufactured a severe drug crisis and it has not only harmed them, but citizens are put at risk as well.

Fresh out tha Northwest, Soul The Interrogator is looking to make his mark with the release of his new album "Ol' Head" which I think is a brilliant title! Soul The Interrogator, along with tha TakeOver Music Collective, are actively dropping heat for tha music scene that cannot be overlooked. I haven't yet listened to the full album, but after watching this video and peeping tha album cover, I sincerely believe I'm going to like this project. And in a day & age where Ready Ron refuses to drop a solo album, "Ol' Head" is gonna have to do. 



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