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Why are Marijuana Stores Popping Up Like Walmart Stores?


Medical Marijuana and recreational has been making big bucks around the world as if they were local Walmart stores. Recreational marijuana refers to cannabis that is grown, sold, and used for adults for purposes of enjoyment.

Now that the government have figured out a way to control and tap into revenue sources from marijuana, there spreading like wild flies in America. Marijuana is the most commonly used mind-altering drug in the U.S., after alcohol. It's illegal in some states, but other states have legalized it for medical and recreational use.

Legalizing recreational marijuana creates a “Big Marijuana” industry, while boosting illegal marijuana sales and use. A 62% majority of Republicans ages 18 to 29 favor making marijuana legal for medical and recreational use, compared with 52% of those ages 30 to 49.

Although many physicians agree that marijuana is safe enough to temporarily alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions, the safety of recreational use is poorly understood. The legalization of marijuana has spread around the country in recent years. Currently 33 states allow it for medical use and 11 for recreational.

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