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Take a ‘Ride’ Around Nashville with Emory Jaymz

Things are heating up in Nashville, and it’s time for some summer weekend vibes as you cruise around town.

Emory Jaymz has just what you’re looking for with his new single, “Ride.” The track blends a modern trap beat with gorgeous, golden-era-of-Motown-inspired harmonies and a silky smooth refrain from Good Friend of the Show J Pierson (listed on the track as J Reggaerica).

Laid back verses from Emory paint a vivid picture of an easy weekend drive through Music City. The listener can feel the summer breeze and visualize a golden-hour glow that slowly fades behind the bright city lights, as the Nashville native takes us away from our troubles and into a momentary zen-like state.

Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Check it out for yourself!



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