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LISTEN: On ‘UFO,’ Stacey Kelleher Contemplates an Otherworldly Love

Have you ever been in a seemingly perfect relationship, where the blurred lines between fantasy and reality cause your mind to play tricks on you?

Stacey Kelleher‘s latest single, “UFO,” deals with the struggle of accepting a healthy, loving relationship for what it is. Co-written alongside Cole Miracle and Emily Gurklis, the single incorporates spacey pop production and stacked vocals with the emotive pedal steel tones of Neil Jones to create a vibe that’s out of this world.

“You know that feeling you get when everything’s going too well and your relationship seems too good to be true, and then you think yourself into oblivion worrying about all of the worst-case scenarios?” Stacey said. “’UFO’ tells the story of a perfect, healthy relationship, where I question how on Earth I’d go on without my partner.”

Listen closely, and you’ll discover a different meaning assigned to the acronym “UFO.” It’s just the latest in a line of forthcoming releases from Kelleher, who has another single coming in July before the release of her EP this fall.

Take this “UFO” for a spin below!



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