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Escape Reality with Fiona Maura’s New Single, ‘Lavender’

Studies show that Monday is the day of the week when the most people want to escape reality.

OK, so those “studies” are really just observations of folks complaining about having to go back to work on social media. At any rate — and no matter what you’re trying to escape from — Nashville-based artist Fiona Maura has a cosmic new pop single for you!

Titled “Lavender,” the hazy new single drifts into our consciousness like a dream sequence, complete with ethereal synths and a soothing vocal to accompany us on the journey to anywhere-but-here.

“In 2020 during lockdown, I felt trapped and unhappy like many others,” Fiona said. “A couple years prior during my freshman year of college, I painted a lavender watercolor picture. It brought me comfort, so I packed it with me for lockdown in my childhood home. As I was sobbing one day, I looked at the picture and said. ‘I want to be there. I wish I could dive into that painting and wake up in a field full of lavender!’ That moment birthed the song.”

This cool-glowing synth pop offering was produced by AHRT, who helped craft Fiona’s previous studio releases, “Sativa” and “Ocean Waves Goodbye.” Feel free to drift away with this one below!



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