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Wildcard QM "STORYTELLER" music video | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

Just epic! After a multi-year hiatus, Wildcard QM is back with a new gem "Storyteller" produced by C - Lance & shot by Gnarlos Wright. The song is fitting for tha moment, giving us his background growing up in tha West and providing much-needed insight into his whereabouts. 

I must say, Wildcard never fails to amaze. From tha first time we heard The Odyssey, Wildcard has demonstrated to be among tha West Coast's most lyrical rappers. We recently met up with Wildcard in Monrovia a few weeks back and he gave us a sneak peek into songs he's been working on. But, boy, we did not see this one coming. Storyteller has an old western gangster vibe to it. You can feel how serious it is as soon as tha beat drops. This song is everything we expect from tha Card. He never disappoints as he takes us thru parts from his old stomping grounds.

Personally, I feel tha music video could've used a little more slow-mo pans on Wildcard himself. Nevertheless, Gnarlos did a phenomenal job capturing tha feeling and emotion that compliments Card's lyrics and theme. As a street sign photographer myself, I appreciated tha aerial shots under tha pier and Card standing out front of probably one of his older homes. Wildcard is a true West Coast legend in that he was born in San Gabriel, lived in damn near every city in tha SGV, and has history in Washington State.

Wildcard is in a league of his own with tha release of STORYTELLER. His lyrical ability to tell stories and paint pictures is unlike any other. The beauty in this song is that he creatively expresses his vulnerabilities as a human with a troubled past while rap became a useful outlet for him to build on. Wildcard details how he struggled with addiction and practically took his sobriety as an opportunity to take music more seriously. It's always good to see tha good guys win. And this new run by Wildcard is inspiring to see. 

The hook, to me, is humble yet, reassuring. That's one thing I appreciate about Wildcard as an MC; he has no problem singing his own chorus. To me, that's indicative of a true artist at heart. A Poet. Writer. Storyteller, tha latest single of Wildcard's album "Change In Cabin Pressure" gives me high hopes for his new music. He never gives us a cheap production. Card's songs always have substance and he puts in tha extra work to bring these concepts to life. In our recent interview w/ Wildcard on WilsonBlock1000 Radio, we forgot to ask him about tha Suicide King Bluez video and how they shot it so raw and authentic. Having a background in film, it's no wonder Wildcard has a vision for production.

Wildcard sporting an LA Dodger Fitted kind of sends a message that it's tha Los Angeles area he claims as his actual hometown. I mean, after all, he was born in tha City of San Gabriel for crying out loud. We got much respect for that, especially on Pasadena's local music scene. 

I would say this song has a moderately high replay value. I can definitely see myself adding this cut to my playlists, but I can also see how some can perceive tha song as 'mood music' in a day & age where it's all about short attention spans. But, it's Hip Hop we're talking about here. And Wildcard's product is standard issue. 

Rating 8.2



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