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UMC20: From Around the World (April 11, 2023)

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s edition of UMC20

Track listing
BEZ ft. Odd Moon & 2dolla – ON SCRILL
The Runk ft. Foundation Mecca – Bring the Funk
Noelle McFarland – Under It
Lexy Panterra – Depend on You
Sid Seth – Hopeless War
Annie Scherer – Everywhere I Go (Everybody’s the Same)
Best Frenz ft. Joywave – Flatline
Codice Ego – Errors and Repairs
M. Byrd – Only a Feeling
The Hollow Party – WOAH!
Molly Warburton – Midnight Hour
Young Atlas – Misery Loves Company
Keyside – Paris to Marseille
Justin Payne & Co. – is this what it feels like?
Pepperwood – Worth the Mess
davvn – Depressed in Heaven
Billie Marten – I Can’t Get My Head Around You
Adam Monaco – Nevermind
The Cancellations – Taking You to War
Jaye Madison – Shadow Man



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