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Supah Sayin’s 3rd EP “Neo-Lizard King” Revolutionizes Rap With Morrison-Like Provocativity (EP Review)”

Supah Sayin is a 25 year old MC from Fort Worth, Texas who began to make his presence known over the fall after signing to Broken Record Music Club as well as dropping his debut EP Oblivion // Elysium & then going on to follow it up with Tatarus on Christmas Eve a little over 3 months later. But with the 2nd quarter of 2023 already kicking off at the beginning of the month, the Dallas up-&-comer is back on the spot with his 3rd EP at 7 joints running 19 & a half minutes long fresh off 2 singles that were teased a couple months back.

“Fear & Loathing” has a dramatically bare loop as he makes it clear that nobody can stop him prior to the grungy trap hybrid “Encanto” asking his lover if she has his back. “ParselTongue” jumps on top of some hi-hats to talk about how he been at the bottom in the past leading into the briefly woozy trap ballad “Spirit Bomb” declaring himself to be a bad ass & having shit that can only be learned. The song “Double Dutch” discusses trying to keep it cool even though he wants to move on over a distressing instrumental while the penultimate track “1:12am in Tejas” has a more melodic, synth-based sound to it talking about the type of guy he is. “Afterglow” on the other hand finishes the EP with a chill ballad saying he ain’t even gotta flex.

It feels more like an EP rather than an official full-length debut & I’ll even admit that Neo-Lizard King happens to be my introduction to Supah Sayin’s music, but the results that we got out of it will definitely start to turn more heads because what we have is his most well-crafted effort to date. The production tastefully fuses hip hop with psychedelic rock with the Dallas emcee proposing imagery on the level of the great Jim Morrison himself providing audio enlightenment on the world we live in & the path to self-acceptance.

Score: 7/10



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