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#NewMusic Boosie Badazz - Rocketman Ft Jeezy, Kodak Black (#Remix)


Boosie Badazz revisits his “Rocket Man” single with the official remix featuring Jeezy and Kodak Black.

On the revamped version of his ode to Takeoff, Boosie delivers a new verse where he touches on life.

“My life confused, it feel like they using me, ’cause I got it / Raised ’bout it, ’bout it, damn shame, I never thought to cop it,” raps Boosie. “Fuck them flowers, they done put my flowers in the garbage / Putting all these rappers before me, and I ain’t speakin’ honest.”

Jeezy vents on the tragedies in the hood (“Kids killing kids, damn, twelve years old / And Bill just eleven, twelve years froze.”), while Kodak black opens up on the struggles growing up. (“I was at my homeboy crib, got no money or food, back at the house / And these raps couldn’t pay no bills, so I bust that move and made a route.”)

“Rocketman (Remix)” is Boosie’s first release since his “Black & Beautiful” and “Please Hold Me Down” single from earlier this year. Meanwhile, Kodak’s fresh off the release of his latest single, “No Love For A Thug“.




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