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LISTEN: Would You Still Be ‘Depressed in Heaven’?

Even if April showers bring May flowers, will you actually stop to smell them?

Nashville-based pop/punk duo davvn (pronounced “dawn”) have released “Depressed in Heaven,” a lush, new wave-influenced commentary on “the fleeting nature of happiness and the constant discontentment of humanity.”

“We let perfect moments slip away too quickly in the present — and are always seeking more in the future — but it’s extremely difficult to hold onto that feeling in the present, instead letting our emotions and desires get the best of us,” the band said. “We poke holes in our own happiness to the point that we’d probably all still end up depressed in Heaven.”

The band hopes that “Depressed in Heaven” inspires listeners to cherish the present, and release their expectations for how things “should” be. Check it out below!



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