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LISTEN: FALSE LEFTY Masters Minimalism with “Tanqueray”

Who says you need a whole bunch of bells and whistles — or even proper equipment — to make good music?

FALSE LEFTY defies convention on their debut single, “Tanqueray.” The hard-driving indie rock anthem pierces through the atmosphere with a palpable, youthful exuberance — and its rich post-punk soundscape is all the more impressive when you consider it was created with nothing more than two people, three drums, and a guitar with three strings.

“FALSE LEFTY breaks with perfectionism, and what we know of fractions is when you reduce and cut off the unimportant and unnecessary, the outcome remains the same,” the band said. “In this case, (it’s) music that smacks you in the face with energy and the impulsive joy of playing, which oftentimes goes missing once everything is perfectly arranged and you’ve finally learned to “play correctly.”

Part of learning the rules is knowing when to break ’em, and FALSE LEFTY understands the assignment. Check out “Tanqueray” below!



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