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Who is Benny the Jet?

 Iowa is the field dreams, and for Iowa City artist, Benny the Jet, his dreams are coming true.  

Having worked with artists he calls friends such as popular independent artists Futuristic and Lex Bratcher, Benny the Jet has seen first-hand the hard work and dedication it takes to be independently successful and is ready to put the work in. That self-reflection and manifestation paid off as he was picked up by DJ K Yung, long time popular Midwest DJ for management and Brett “Bert” Johnson as his road manager. 


All roads to musical success and achievement have not though, always been so clear and easy. Born in Los Angeles, California and having moved to Iowa City, Iowa at a young age, Benny the Jet has had to deal with not only the loss of his adopted father but also racism and discrimination. As an adopted biracial child, Benny the Jet turned to music as a release and homage to his family exposing him to the creative side of life. “I was adopted into a very theatrical family and that exposed me to a lot of different performance avenues. I grew up doing plays, musicals, choir, and band. I fell in love with Hip-Hop in my teenage years and started to pursue a career in music. “, Benny states.  


Benny the Jet is set for his best year yet, as he has his sights set on his first EP yet to be titled and his release of his podcast “In the Cockpit” which has featured some well-known DJs, musicians, and artists. He continues to pursue every avenue in music and entertainment making his brand ever so stronger.  




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