Singer/Songwriter Michael Carey Is Pioneering Country Soul In New Deal with Ingrooves/Universal Music Group

Michael Carey has recently just signed a distribution deal with Ingrooves/Universal Music Group where we will release his next album. The Louisiana legend who gave us "No Doubt About It" is hinting at new horizons in tha bayou. After years of doing shows with his band, he started writing original music as a solo artist. Since then, Michael Carey has had 3 songs chart nationally. 

"I’m originally an R&B artist but recently changed my style to a new genre I created
called country soul," says Carey, who's creative freedom has led him to give us tha wonderful song that is "1 Love". Michael's vision as a musician exceeds far beyond tha limits of just R&B. So much so, that his pursuit of Country Soul, arguably a mere sub-genre, compliments his musical identity. It reminds me of electricians, for example. You say you need an electrician, but it's like, what kind of electrician, right? You need one who specializes in a particular field of art & study. And that's what Michael Carey is when branding his music under Country Soul as oppose to settling for traditional R&B.

And let's face it. With all due respect to tha genre, R&B itself can low-key be classified as many things. It's a pretty broad spectrum in tha realm of musical genres. I mean, when we refer to oldies, are we going to sit here and say they were called oldies when they came out? Of course not. Perhaps oldies is just another sub-form of R&B itself. People never really say they like R&B, but will admit to loving slow jamz. But, it's essentially tha same thing.

Michael Carey is working on a new EP due out April 25th, 2023 that will describe and reflect what Country Soul means. And perhaps it's about time. The game definitely could definitely use a touch of love from tha sounds of music these days. Carey wants to be original. He wants to represent his own brand of style, music, and performance to further influence tha world of evolving tastes. "So many artists fall under a title that limits their ability to switch styles," Mike explains. "But country soul is a free spirited sound. A mixture of all flavors. R&B, Country, Jazz. I call it cumbo love!!"

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  1. I have seen his show and they are electrifying, he gets the crowd involved.

  2. His show is Fire🔥