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Platinum-Selling UNITED Releases “Of Dirt and Grace: Love from the Land (Expanded Edition)”

Log Angeles (March 31, 2023) — Today, multi-award-winning and platinum-selling artist UNITED releases “OF DIRT AND GRACE: LIVE FROM THE LAND (EXPANDED EDITION)” album. In 2016, UNITED released “Of Dirt and Grace” (200 million global streams) – a collection of songs that were intentionally re-imagined within the fabric of the landscape where their inspiration, Jesus, walked and turned the world on its head. This Easter, UNITED adds new unreleased songs to the 2023 live project that is one of the group’s most unique to date.

Featuring breathtaking imagery and impacting visuals and audio, the 19-track compilation includes never-before-heard versions of “Grace to Grace,” “Man of Sorrows,” “Praise the Name,” and “No Other Name,” all of which were recorded live and on location in Israel – from Jerusalem up to Tiberius around the Sea of Galilee. Listen to “OF DIRT AND GRACE: LIVE FROM THE LAND (EXPANDED EDITION)” here.

“We were thinking about what we could bring to hopefully bless the church or to bless you during this Easter season and we were reminded that we did this project a few years ago that some people know about it, and a whole lot of people don’t know about it – but it’s my favorite thing that we ever did!,” says UNITED’s Joel Houston. “We went (to Israel) without a plan and just recorded a ton of songs. The reason we sang them in those places at that time was because it was Easter and we were in the very places where the events that changed the world, changed our lives, and continue to change lives all around the world took place. At this moment in history, we’ve put together some of the songs that we have never released and we’re praying that they will be a blessing to you at a future moment in history.”

UNITED recently wrapped their multi-city co-headline Tomlin UNITED tour, performing for packed arenas in major markets around the nation. Heralded as one of the biggest Christian music tours of 2022 with 34 dates in total and a quarter million attendees, the Tomlin UNITED Tour provided an intimate night of worship, where fans joined together to experience some of the biggest songs that have shaped modern faith today. This May, the group will embark on its Europe “ARE WE THERE YET” TOUR MMXXIII visiting the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary.

For more information on UNITED, visit or @hillsongunited on all social platforms.

1. Here Now (Madness)
2. Say The Word
3. Heart Like Heaven (Falling)
4. Touch The Sky
5. Street Called Mercy
6. When I Lost My Heart To You (Hallelujah)
7. Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)
8. Prince Of Peace
9. Empires
10. Rule
11. Captain
12. Closer Than You Know
13. I Surrender
14. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
15. Scandal of Grace (I’d Be Lost)
16. O Praise the Name (Anástasis)
17. Grace to Grace
18. Man of Sorrows
19. No Other Name

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