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Jon Shabaglian Releases New Single, ‘Symphony of Peace’

Inspired as a healing prayer following a season of pain and suffering both in his own life and the world at large, acclaimed singer/songwriter and recording artist Jon Shabaglian’s “Symphony of Peace” is now available on streaming platforms. One of Shabaglian’s most personal tracks to date, the Sam Hart-produced song features recording artist, educator and activist Temitope, along with Psalmist Mission.

A soaring anthem encouraging listeners to be instruments of reconciliation in a divided world, “Symphony of Peace” was written by Shabaglian, Temitope and Hart. The song’s tenderly emotive verses give way to a powerful proclamation of peace showcasing a choir of graduates from Shabaglian’s Psalmist Mission training ministry.

“‘Symphony of Peace’ was birthed last year as I was going through a very difficult season and feeling the absence of peace in my life,” Shabaglian shares. “From the moment I stepped into the songwriting session with Sam and Temitope, it was clear that we were kindred souls who shared a deep heart for reconciliation. Three hours later, we had written a song that speaks to healing, growth, and unity. In a time of such evident division in our culture, it was an honor to feel as though God was writing a healing prayer through us that will hopefully inspire others to live as peacemakers reflecting our Lord’s heart as His children.”

“Temitope is of Nigerian descent and was raised to understand the importance of reconciliation, and my grandparents escaped the Armenian genocide in Turkey, so we both have hearts for peace and unity,” Shabaglian adds. “I pray this song will soothe the wounded heart and inject a vision, into even the most broken of relationships, that we would be healers and restorers—a ‘Symphony of Peace.’”

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