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Innocent & Influence Getem landed at SpaceLab

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Inno & IG (Influence Getem & Innocent) has been cooking up something spectacular. On this particular day, they're both in the studio with the highly acclaimed prodcer Jake Palumbo, who has graced the culture in an phenomenal fashion. The Brooklyn way, as SpaceLab studio stands strong in the Ridgewood section of BK, in NY.

The project at hand is in conjunction with the extraordinary producer Alcatraz Ed, and is clearly in the works. This is also one of many tracks that they've collaborated on, or has been featured on together. All were fire 🔥.  Be sure to Keri an eye on things to come from these amazing talents.  Anything deriving from these legendary creatives are sure to be more than satifisfactory. Bars are top tier throughout the year on any given with these guys, so the beats being so flammable just adds fuel to the fire. 

Inno & IG (Influence Getem & Innocent with Jake Palumbo

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