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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #301 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #301 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°301 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Ajent O / Dex The Nerd Who Loves Jesus / Sensational / Apokalips The Archangel (Top Shelf Muzik) / Senica Da Misfit / Ren Thomas / Junclassic / Meeco / UllNevaNo / Fredro Starr (Onyx) / Jay Royale / Starvin B / Mickey Factz / IM'PERETIV / Ciphurphace / Guy Grams / Jon Doe / Dub Sonata / Indigo Phoenyx / Donny G / 38 Spesh / Nowaah The Flood / Crotona P / Johnny Ciggs / Profound79 / Altered States / Bugsy H. / Solomon Childs / DJ Halabi / Tough Dumplin / Reyan / Muja Messiah / iNTELLECT (Above The Clouds) / Procyse / John Creasy / BoFaat / Daniel Son (Brown Bag Money), and more...

1- DJ Anhonym "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- J57 "An Ode To E&A" (feat. DJ Mark Ski)
3- Meeco & DJ Access "Wreckless" (feat. Inspectah Deck & Fashawn)
4- Stoic & Reyan "Way Back" (feat. CJ Fly)
5- Junclassic x Giallo Point "Jealous He"
6- Starvin B x DustVibes "8 Million Stories"
7- Puritan "Pyrite" (feat. Ciphurphace)
8- Adversaree x Tough Dumplin "You Ain't Never"
9- Substantial "1580" (feat. DJ RBI & T. Lucas)
10- Alcapella "Hitman" (feat. Guy Grams & Jon Doe)
11- Johnny Ciggs & Profound79 "Pennies To Grands"
12- S18 aka The 18 Bronzeman x Gunzy "Bronze Timing" (feat. Bodega Bandz, Bugsy H., Black Prince & Solomon Childs)
13- DJ Halabi & BxYungGz "Flamez Wit A Sick Brain"
14- Dex The Nerd Who Loves Jesus x Praise "The Reckoning"
15- Muja Messiah x White Hennessy "Burning With Desire"
16- Apokalips The Archangel x Slidebeatz "Never Settle For Less"
17- Gotham City Boys x Fredro Starr "Squad With Me" (feat. Ricky Bats, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Drew Wolf, Rel Lyfe & Pop Burna)
18- Wolfman Jeckyll & Bugsy H. "Nightfall"
19- Donny G "Still Talkin'"
20- IM'PERETIV "Walk With Me" (feat. Mickey Factz, Ren Thomas & Jacobi The Giant)
21- Above The Clouds (iNTELLECT & Tae Lamar) "Real Ones Pt. 2" (feat. Procyse & DJ Grubbernaut)
22- Senica Da Misfit x King Benny "Different Frequency"
23- Sensational x The Dirty Sample "The Beat Goes On" (feat. Guy Albino & Flybot Van Damn)
24- Jay Royale x Ray Sosa "End Game" (feat. Styles P) [Cuts by DJ Crypt]
25- OT The Real x Thoro215 "Pushin'" (feat. DJ Kay Slay)
26- Mo Rukuz x BoFaat "Out The Clay" (feat. Daniel Son)
27- John Creasy x Uncle Fester "Intro"
28- Che Noir x Big Ghost Ltd "Bad Apples" (feat. Ransom & 38 Spesh)
29- Ajent O, Mic Bronto & Kito Beats "Slimy" (feat. Hassaan Mackey) [Cuts by DJ Otimus Prime]
30- EL Maryacho & Nowaah The Flood "Find Out (Afterhours Freestyle)"
31- J57 "Mulberry St." (feat. Junclassic & UllNevaNo)
32- Chubs x BodyBagBen "Metro Train Retro Chain"
33- Crotona P x Pablo Brown Beats "Family First" (feat. Blazewell & Tommy Vino)
34- Chef Bogey & Ren Thomas "Jordan Year"
35- Koncept Jack$on x Sadhugold "Swarthy & Dutch"
36- Indigo Phoenyx x True Cipher "Jean Is Dead"
37- Altered States x Hilltop Productions "Evening Sun"
38- Dub Sonata x BlackLiq "The B-Side"



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