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Sunday Replay: Therapy, Learning from Adversity, and Yoga Poses

Sometimes, The Quinn Spinn hits on serious topics that resonate with creatives.

Sometimes, things get silly.

We’ve got a helping of both in this week’s edition of the Sunday Replay. You’ll learn about the value of therapy and overcoming adversity, and you’ll also learn that not all of us are on the same level when it comes to doing yoga…

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In addition to being a licensed therapist, Lauren Gomance also spearheads Soul Fit Yoga, which offers free classes during the warmer months at Nashville’s Church Street Park.

What are some of the most difficult poses Lauren teaches? Well, it depends on who you are…

If you’re never challenged, you’ll never grow.

Alt-pop duo Fyre Byrd learned all about that concept — and themselves — on their journey from Australia to Nashville.

The stigma of therapy — especially for men — is breaking down.

Adam Arnold (a.k.a. Scotty Rock) is here to tell you why that’s a good thing.



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