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Did Offset Breached Legal Agreement With Quality Control?


Last year, Offset sued his former label Quality Control over ownership of his solo music. Things began to get nasty when Pee Thomas of QC commented on the lawsuit, saying, “The last lawsuit was filed publicly and dismissed quietly. Let's see how this one go. Been [too] real for all this lame s**t. Everyone know the real problem.” 

Offset fired back by saying, “N***as act like I'm the problem I paid millions to get my rights back. N***a you blackballed me I ain't said s*** one time homie I ain't spoke to you in 2 years now I drop and you want ya name on my credit?” 

Since then, reports surfaced noting Quality Control filed a motion requesting that the lawsuit against them from the Migos rapper Offset be dismissed. The suit filed by Offset was to prevent the label from making money off his solo releases like “CODE” and “54321.” The reasoning behind the request from QC found the label alleging that Offset breached legal agreements, which included a confidential clause after an argument online.

The Migos rapper noted he and Quality Control came to an agreement in January 2021 so that he could get the rights to his solo music. However, QC’s dismissal request found them saying, “Because Offset is not the owner of recordings he has made or continues to make with Motown on or after January 15, 2021, including the recordings ‘54321’ and ‘Code,’ [Offset] lack standing to bring this action.”

The label then mentioned that Offset broke a “confidentiality provision” in their agreement, saying the rapper revealed “the terms of the Settlement Agreement in the Complaint and in social media posts.” Stay tuned for more updates.

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