UMC20: Picking Up Steam (Jan. 10, 2023)

It seems like everyone is beginning to awaken from their holiday-induced winter slumber. We’ve certainly been busy over here at UMC, and from the looks of it, plenty of musicians in our orbit are, too. For one thing, this week is set to be a big one for releases, and you’ll surely hear some of those in this space this time next week.

But… let’s not get ahead of ourselves, because we have plenty of fire to keep you warm in the meantime. What do you say we get right to it?

P.S.: If you look at the bottom of the track listing, you might see a clue about our first NashLive! show announcement of the year… 😉

Track listing
Mrs. Henry – Here I Am
Kashi Xo – Jetlag
Emily Breeze – The Bell
Lindsey Sampson – Gifted
Roi and the Secret People – Golden
Samuel Herb – Paper Thin Walls
Keith Evan Gay – Only One Dawg in this Fight
Dan Kenworthy – Angel to Spare
Jill Barber – Homemaker
The Runaway Grooms – Heartwork
Julian Fulco Perron – Know My Name
The Veils – Time
Oshins ft. Kiki Halliday – Superpower
Mike Rogers – Get High
Lexy Panterra – Bad Bitch
Unicorn Nipple! ft. Lord Goldie – Osmosis Jane
Star2 ft. Lil Poppa – Pain
Chelcie Jette – Little More
Ria Barkr – Stopwatch (Rock Version)
ARREIS – Best Worst Love

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