The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson (1.15.23): Women Facilitating Men's Sports Post-Game Analysis

I don't care to see women presenting and facilitating Men's pro sports. Now, I know this is a sentiment many "Americans" disagree with because we're all taught to believe in fairy tales. In a society where one's feelings supersedes reality, science, and culture, you can't really expect anyone to truly know what they are talking about. But, let me be blunt about it. I feel women being tha sole facilitators of sports shows analyzing Men's sports is disingenuous. I mean, cut tha shit already. Let's be real about this. You're only there because you want to feel inclusion. You're not there need to be. Women are there because they are thirsty for tha same gratification Men have been getting for centuries. 

This is not about equality. This is about competition. This is about women "trying" to show Men that they can be just as good at what we do than we are. It's repulsive. And, ok, so, why do we have to bring up political matters in tha world of sports, right? Well, obviously it's a political decision directors of these agencies make. The feminist agenda does not hide itself, it only persecutes those who call them out for what they truly are. And there is no place for feminism in Men's pro sports. It reminds me of when I was recently watching a Candace Owens monologue about political issues. She delivered that podcast episode as if Men like myself are just starving for her opinion. Then, while she was speaking, I couldn't help but to notice it's not even about tha issues she's talking about. It's about tha fact that she likes to hear herself talk.

My personal opinion is that women should just be quiet. And I know you disagree with that. But, in my experiences, Men die when women talk out of turn. Half of these beefs between street gangs started over a female. Women are nurturers. They're not Men. And women need to realize that what they already do for humanity, Men could never do. So, while all tha women find themselves competing with Men, who's worried about tha role women were initially playing. This is why we have single mother households and a generation of children who are told they can believe in fairy tales. Even dike women, they are that way because no one in their community fixed it at a young age. Instead, everybody overlooked it and even encouraged her in such lifestyles simply because most people in American communities lack tha foundational understandings of Truth. Sure, they do! So, in reality, we're not even equipped to help each other where it truly counts. We're all just, more or less, helping each other to hell.

My outlook is a righteous one. One with order, honor, and respect. This "do what you want" mentality is shallow and is a harmful ideology. When I turn on post-game sports analysis, I want to hear Men speak on other Men's game performance, theory, and tha like. What I do not want to see is a woman thinking she has a right to be front and center as if she's superior to tha likes of her male counterparts. As if she's asking tha questions we all actually want to know and hear about. But, at this day & age in America, we can't even have this conversation because we're already just so far gone. The U.S. government has influenced, encouraged, and caused women to utterly destroy tha family unit. Women are busy trying to take Men's spot while his children are raised in foster care and abused by complete strangers. Sure, it's true. Because we're not even raising our children with tha Truth, so why would it be far fetched for a women's ulterior motives to be sinister even if it's harmless on tha surface. 

And no wonder. Because in America, we're not taught how to think, but what to think. Even with tha truth all out in tha open, people still choose to subscribe to lies and fables. People still choose to put their trust only in things they can see and feel. But surely, tha virtue is gone. What honor is there now to be anything good for this country if we're just going to pollute it with our own shallow wants and desires? Can't even have an intellectual conversation about these things without tha attention span of americans resorting to idiocy and blatant insults. But, this article is not about insulting women. It's about acknowledging true order and adhering to it. Respecting tha boundaries we set for ourselves. Because, see, when capitalism and happiness is tha ultimate goal, it breeds all forms of contempt.

Last question. Who said you had rights? The Bible or the constitution? Your answer to that question will determine tha basis of your greater judgment which should have some impact on tha validity of your opinion. I'm far from shallow, and because most people are shallow, they can never meet me in tha depths. I refuse to watch post-game analysis when a woman is facilitating. It's just not natural. It's not right. And no exceptions should be made for women who want to get into this field. If it's about talking for them, tell them to start their own podcast or go work for The View or something. If it's sports for them, let them keep stat counts and bring people their concessions. Harsh? Well, now you know I how I feel.

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