TAEYANG - 'VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)' Music Video | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

Ok, I was reluctant to review this song because my mature mind is preventing me from unseeing music from a political perspective. I couldn't even skim thru YouTube's trending before I came across this production here. I never heard of these artists, but with over 17 million views in approximately tha first 15 hours, I might be tha one that's out of tha loop. Anyways, I check these trends with tha understanding that what's actually popular can be a bit too secular for my liking. With that said, I'd like to minimize tha political aspect and just give an honest music review. Because, at tha end of tha day, we're artists, and not politicians. 

Now, in all honesty, let me be forward. With a video trending this much, I was expecting a wild ride. I was expecting somewhat of a fad-type song that wouldn't have enough substance for a critic and fan like myself. But, when tha song came on, I was really taken by tha whole thing. For a minute, it was like, Backstreet meets N Sync and 98 Degrees and that gives you TAEYANG & Jimin. Talk about setting a stage, the video to this song was absolutely lit. 

As far as that political element goes, because I had never heard of these artists, I honestly couldn't tell if one was a girl or not. I had to look this up to confirm because I'm not interested in doing write-ups on homo-centric art & culture. And there are clearly scenes in tha music video where they are portraying themselves with feminine flamboyance. Nonetheless, tha song itself was meant to make people feel good and I think musically, it achieves that. Just listening to tha song itself, I did have a hard time making out some of tha lyrics. But, TAEYANG & Jimin surely brought tha energy to match this mainstream instant classic.

Definitely a song to get tha party started, 'Vibe is a song for tha club, party, or even your living room if it's a song you like to dance to. A good representation of pop culture without tha influence of pagan symbolisms. Now, I'm not one for their image, but again, musically, good music is good music. And that's how I felt about those boy bands back in tha day. They may not have written their songs, but for what it's worth, tha music was still good. And we appreciate those times. 

This song is good for tha radio and Top40. I would sure as heck prefer hearing this while I'm eating breakfast at Denny's or IHOP instead of I don't know, an artist like Nicki Minaj. I think tha biggest con about this song, in my opinion, is that tha music video is a bit oversexualized. I could argue it's overkill, but then again, I'm sure tha LIKE count of this video begs to differ. Like, if we were road tripping and this song came on, I'd probably find myself bobbing my head to it. I don't see it being a song I wish tha DJ would turn from. Let it play all tha way thru. 

I'm not much of a dancer at all, but this song is what it's called: a vibe! This is that theme song that comes on when you're snacking on some of your favorite foods lol. For a minute, I thought I was watching tha trailer for a new season of EMPIRE featuring Terrence Howard and them. I think videos like this set tha standard for tha image of pop artists today. Eccentric, energized, & enigmatic. I think this song has high replay value considering it has literally gone viral is a mere matter of hours. It's not necessarily a song I would personally add to my Spotify playlist, but whenever it does come on, it is worthy enough to tell tha DJ to turn it up. 

Rating 7.8

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