LISTEN: The Veils Examine Our Relationship with Time

“Time is a tempest tearing you apart.
Time has a well-known distrust of the heart.”

Across the world, we all had a lot of time on our hands throughout the course of the pandemic. The Veils’ new single, “Time,” captures the essence of feeling powerless against the ticking clock, as life passed us by in isolation.

“(‘Time’) was written during the first lockdown in New Zealand a few years back, when it felt as though we all simultaneously became aware of the presence and passing of time in a way we had possibly never experienced before, said frontman Finn Andrews. “The words have a mantra-like quality, which I think is the result of me walking back and forth in my flat and losing my mind a bit, like that mad polar bear at the zoo.”

A heartrending string arrangement leads us into Andrews’ somber piano melody. With each contemplative metaphor, we are brought back to the uncertainty of pandemic times, when the world we knew became closed off, and our collective focus turned inward as we waited to emerge on the other side.

“Time” is from the forthcoming double LP, And Out Of The Void Came Love. Produced by Tom Healy, the record is said to be a “result of this tumultuous period of injury, isolation and new life” since The Veils’ 2016 album, Total Depravity.

“Tom was incredibly patient, it was a really laborious process,” Andrews said. “I brought a lot of junk down there, and we had to sift through it all to try and find the parts worth saving.”

Strings on And Out Of The Void Came Love were arranged by composer Victoria Kelly, while contributions from Cass Basil (bass), Dan Raishbrook (lap steel, guitar), Liam Gerrard (piano), Joseph McCallum (drums), the NZTrio and The Smoke Fairies (backing vocals) help bring the tunes — like “Time” — to life.

Get your first taste of the record below with the official music video for “Time,” which features found footage from downtown San Francisco, just three days before the great earthquake of 1906.

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