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Monday, January 2, 2023

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #290 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #290 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°290 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Prop Dylan (The Gemini Twins) / Resolute / Dro Pesci / Wildelux / Andreaus Haley / Thought Provokah / Illanoise / Pappy Natson / Chuck Chan / DJ Skizz / Motman / Reef Hustle / UFO Fev / DJ Flipcyide / RhymeStyleTroop / Twist / Crotona P / Johnny Ciggs / DMysticMC / Spoda / Poe Mack (Nod Factor Academy) / Tone Spliff / Bugsy H. (The 88 Marksmen) / Mr. Ripley / Bub Styles, and more...

1- DJ PL+ "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- The Gemini Twins (Prop Dylan & Mr Noun) "Golden Era Shine" (feat. Awon) [Cuts by Koko Toyan]
3- SoulRocca (Soulbrotha & Roccwell) "Girls" (feat. Dro Pesci)
4- SoulRocca (Soulbrotha & Roccwell) "Beastin" (feat. Wildelux)
5- Megadon x DMysticMC "Saber"
6- A.P. Da Overlord x Uncle Fester "String Beans" (feat. TYRNT)
7- Thought Provokah x Pure Fact "Survive And Advance​"
8- 1773 & Joe Tyse "AG Intro / 1 Way 2 Tokyo (Remix)" (feat. DJ Robert Smith)
9- Josh Alias x Anomalous "Luxor"
10- The 88 Marksmen (Bugsy H., S18 & Masta Conga) "Hardly Hiring Staff Now"
11- Shamon Cassette & Jaz Infinite "Yes With A Yen Sign" (feat. PhLawRen)
12- Kartel Rell x Don The Jeweler "Fly Away" (feat. Xavr Sosa)
13- Asa Aziz "The Trifecta" (feat. Patty Honcho & Klwn Cat)
14- Patty Honcho & Jamar Johnson "Clocking In" (feat. BlaQ Chidori)
15- Spoda x Blunted Sloth "Know How I'm On It"
16- Whata Mess x J Patz "Up Down"
17- Crimeapple x DJ Skizz "Pissy In The Palazzo"
18- Motman x Micall Parknsun "Pop The Cork" (feat. Oliver Rothstein)
19- Crotona P x Kiza G "Esperaba"
20- SoulRocca (Soulbrotha & Roccwell) "Checkmate" (feat. Resolute)
21- Andreaus Haley x Reg Vader "So Fresh"
22- Hoodie Hilltop "Break In/Break Down" (feat. Ivy)
23- GunSmoke x Mr. Pia Classics "Can't Get Close To Me"
24- Reef Hustle x DJ Spazo "Juice Crew" (feat. UFO Fev)
25- DJ Flipcyide x ReReRec "Skills" (feat. RhymeStyleTroop)
26- Passport Gift & Parks "King James" (feat. David Bars)
27- BodyBagBen & Kail Problems "Kingsman"
28- Johnny Ciggs x Profound 79 "Knuckle Up"
29- Backwood Sweetie x Furious Stylez "MCs & Rappers" (feat. Numbz)
30- CityBoiGreg & Willyynova "OTB" (feat. Carán)
31- Poe Mack x Van Gunz (Nod Factor Academy) "Mic Lord" (feat. Tone Spliff)
32- Pappy Natson x Chuck Chan "A Few Days And Few Nights"
33- Mr. Ripley x LitMan "Hydrogen 1"
34- John Wells "Tropicana"
35- Smoke DZA "Quarter Million $ Mattress"
36- Spoda x Blunted Sloth "Clap For Me"
37- Kartel Rell x Don The Jeweler "The Heist" (feat. Bub Styles & Dot Demo)
38- Matt Draugos x Klwn Cat "Moose Tracks" (feat. Defcee)
39- Snottyman "Adonatrhymin"
40- Cult Encounters Co "Sorry For The Wait" (feat. Hypesun)
40- Twist "I'm On Fire Freestyle"
41- Illanoise x Sean Links "No Trophy"

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