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What Happened to DTP Records?


Ludacris has fallen off as an elite emcee. There was a time when DTP was an absolutely legitimate force.

In addition to multi-mutli platinum albums from the head honcho himself, DTP had released Chingy's platinum album, "Jackpot" and many more such as Playaz Circle and Bobby Valentino.

So how did DTP Records go from the top to a label so unorganized they signed a group with the worst name imaginable in the internet age, "Untitled"?

Luda is far from alone. Unsurprisingly, it appears almost impossible for any artist to maintain a successful solo career while also running a label. Lupe's 1st & 15th has completely folded, 50 Cent's G-Unit, once a dominant force, is quickly fading into the pages of rap history. If anything Ludacris' inability to sustain DTP's popularity is far more the rule than the exception, and overall he's certainly done better than most.

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