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R&B Singer Katherine Swain Unveils Her New Single "Changes" Ft. Rhymrcka Titled

By way of Fantomusic R&B sensation Katherine Swain releases her new single titled "Changes." Featuring Hip Hop vet Rhyrmrcka, the record is produced by Bookowski for Fantom of the Beat.

A backdrop reminiscent of Pam Grier vibes steers with 70's soulful instruments. Swain's emotive vocals along with Rhymrcka's verse offer the perfect nuptial between R&B and Hip Hop. Swain narrates a familiar tale of broken promises and change. She's heard too many times, baby I'll change, with no results. 

Swain is ready to make her own changes by putting herself first. Rhyrmrcka comes in strong to back Swain up as her vocals fade out. Stream "Changes" and connect below. 

Connect with Katherine Swain 

"Changes" Credits
Writers: Katherine Swain, Fantom of the Beat, Delmar Coward, Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski 
Produced by Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski for Fantom of the beat.
Mixed by A kid named Cus.
Mastered by Tim Boyce.
Additional vocal production by Pleasant Russell



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